Description of the ROMEG

The ROMEG is the only measuring instrument that can be used to check blade pitch angle under actual operating conditions. During the measurement, which is carried out with the wind turbine in operation, the blades are subjected to the pressure forces of the apparent wind, centrifugal forces and gravitational forces. These stresses are not taken into account with other measurement methods that require a stationary blade. This laser system will enable the geometric measurement of wind turbine rotors by monitoring the dynamic and aeroelastic behaviour of the rotor and the wind turbine as a whole. This measurement can be used to detect aerodynamic and mechanical imbalances.

ROMEG advantages

  • The measurements are taken when the wind turbine is operating.
  • The results are available immediately.
  • A counter mesure can be taken immediately after pitch adjustment by the turbine operator.
  • Simple measurement requiring no technical assistance from the manufacturer.
  • Numerous control points (pitch, tower oscillation, blade/tower distance, blade half twist, etc.)
  • Very competitive price per wind turbine inspected.